Happy New Year And Such.

Hey everyone,
So i'm finally up to start posting again. The move was alot of work and im still not quite settled in. I wish everyone a happy new year (ik know im late but i really couldn't care less.)
So, i hope you guys all had a great christmas.
Because i dont have pictures of my room yet, i can't put them online yet. But will within this week..
Today at school, we had to practice with product photography.
So here are some pictures i made and edited.

So yeah, that was it haha.
Lots of love,
Julie Eva


Paterns Photography

Hey Everyone.
I've been really busy with moving. And will upload some pictures later.
This post is about my photography class, where i had to take pictures of different patterns.

Let me know what you think!
These pictures were taken together with my boo's
Kaylee & Noell
Lots of love,
Julie Eva <3


Tomorrow is the day

Hey Everyone,
So today is the big day, The first day of a week of moving.
I'm really looking forward to it. I'm sorry this will not be a long post. I'm really tired and have done alot of work today. Packing boxes, painting some boxes, painting my mirror and pulling my flooring out.
It's going to be an early night for me.
Hope you are all well.
Lots of love,
Julie Eva


Only 6 Days Left For Only Seven Left!

Hello Everybody,
So only 6 days left for the concert of Only Seven Left in Deventer. For people who don't know Only Seven Left.
Only Seven Left is a Band.

Check out their music here.
I've been a huge fan for a long time now, and this is their final tour. Im going with a friend from my class.
I got The Diamond-merchandise from my dad on christmas.
In this diamond-merchandise pack was:
A tshirt
A rubberband bracelet
A poster
The new cd 'The final album'
The old cd 'Anywhere from here'
2 stickers 'only seven left'
A download for 30 bonustracks in the store
Im so happy with my early christmas present.
And i'm really excited for the concert on December 12th.
Will you be there too?
Lots of love,
Julie Eva


Social Media

Hey guys,
Just letting you know where you can find me on social media!
I'm sorry but i hardly use twitter!
I have an account, but hardly go on there!
Love y'all
Julie Eva 

No Good Deeds Go Unnoticed

Hey Everybody,
Like The Title, No Good Deeds Go Unnoticed. Just before i left for school this morning a letter came through my mailbox.

'Goedendag mijn lieve kind, kijk eens wat je in deze envelop vind. De sint hoorde over je moedige standpunten, en dan scoorde bij hem veel extra punten. Mijn roetveegpiet kwam daarom met hjet idee om je te belonen, met iets kleins waar grote video's uit kunnen komen. Deze geheugenkaart zal ruimte geven, aan heel veel foto's en video's wel meer dan 7. Stap hem dus snel in je mooie adapter, want deze kaart is een flink stuk rapper. Veel plezier en creativiteit gewenst, en zet hem op voor je blog-fans.  De sint + Roetveegpiet.'
In it was this 64GB micro-sd card for my canon 1200D. I found out that a good friend of me, put it in my mailbox.
I feel lucky that i have great friends.

So now i will be able to film and make even more pictures to put on my blog.
In other news today; i had to present a model home i made for class and passed! So i was really happy  after struggling with it for 9 weeks.

My Theme was music. on scale 1:15 .
i also made a manual for it.
So this day went great. Tomorrow im packing things for my move on monday/thursday. But i will try to make some pictures! (:
And i already have 189 views.
I couldn't do it without y'all.
Godbless and Lots of love,
Julie Eva


Photography Class & 'zwarte piet'

Hey Lads & Lasses,
I'm sorry i haven't put a new post online in the last couple of days, i was really busy with school and my homework. So this will be an extra long post. I was born and raised in Holland, but i have always hated it here. Lately they have been talking nonstop about 'zwarte piet' (black piet). I think 'zwarte piet' is rascist. How can you find this not rascist?!?!

White people, colored black. With big red lips. Curly hair. It just makes me sick. It makes me think what is wrong with this country? They say 'zwarte piet' is black because of the chimney. Why are they not just a little black, like a black whipe on their face?! And why are their clothes clean, if its from the chimney? Its really sickening. It makes me sick that i believed the crap adults told me when i was young about 'zwarte piet'. (not my dad. he is anti-'zwarte piet')  Just note. i don't have anything against different races. i just find this really sickening.
Im 17 years old. and feel like im the only person of my age that understand that this is just racist.
'zwarte piet' comes from the old days. where they used black people as their slaves.
Somebody please tell me why this is not racist?!
The left 'zwarte piet' had a chain around him. To ressemble the slavery!
Well, enough ranting about 'zwarte piet' for now..
Some other news is that i had Photography class yesterday and had to take pictures of different kind of windows of stores in Arnhem.
'i loved the pictures in this'

'Close up, too perfect'


 'Lenneke Wispelwey'

'Wooden christmas cookiemold tree'




'Nature is beautiful'

The following pictures are in my opinion, the best i took.


So let me know what you thought of my pictures. (:
Will be updating again Tomorrow.
Lots of Love,
Julie Eva